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Lumumba (2000) – ★★★★ (GREAT)
What better outcome could Lumumba have gotten out of this situation than to be shot? The truest case of damned if you, damned if you don’t that I [...]
Clip: Vale Abraão [Abraham’s Valley] – Death, Beauty, and Idiosyncrasy.
Nightcrawler (2014) – ★★★★ (GREAT)
Beyond the excellent performance from Gyllenhaal, beyond the gritty and realistic look, beyond the focused and limited number of locations and a script [...]
Höhenfeuer [aka Alpine Fire] (1985) – ★★★★ (GREAT)
Today I have found possibly the best alpine film – by chance. You see, I have felt the drive to find a mountain movie for many years because I have [...]
A Sitcom Evaluation – Mad About You
Before I get into it, fear not of spoilers. I have no interest in spoiling the show if you have not seen it, as I doubt all that many have.
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